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1. Successfully accomplished the production of 5062 pcs D.C.800kV insulators, 10050 pcs D.C. 500kV insulators and 7892 pcs 750kV insulators during May to November in 2010.
2. Until December 4th, 2009, applied 43 patents including 4 invention patents, 10 utility model patents, 29 design patents.
3. Updated to ISO9001:2008 on 28th November ,2009
4. In August 2009, Taiguang factory moved to “Taiguang Industrial park”
5. In June 2009, the D.C. long rod suspension composite insulator won second prize of scientific and technological inventions in Zibo.
6. In May 2009, Taiguang company won the title of “Model Enterprise of Charity Donation in Zhangdian District”, Chairman of Mr. Teng was awarded the title of “Charity Star of Zhangdian District”.
7. On April 17th,2009, we won the bid of Xiangjia Ba ~Shanghai D.C.800kV UHV transmission line project, which issued by state grid corporation of China, the quantity is about 5000pcs, amount is 50 million CNY
8. Completed the installation and inspection of the equipments in new factory from March 8th to April 30th in 2009.
9. In March 2009, ordered one set of nitrogen generator, inspected and put the machine into commission and got the warming rubber craft.
10. On November 29th, 2008, the FXBZW6-±660kV /160-530kN long rod type suspension composite insulator, passed appraisal at the approval meeting held by China Electricity Council. With good design, advanced craft, this series product reach to international advanced level.
11. In September 2008, A.C.1000kV and D.C.800 composite insulators picked up special gold award in the “international patent and well-know brand exhibition of China”.
12. In June 2008, D.C.800kV composite insulators were produced in new factory.
13. in the afternoon on April 30th, 2008, celebrated Taiguang obtaining the title of  “Well-know trademark”
14. On April 2th, 2008, won the bid of D.C.800kV long rod suspension composite insulator of Yunnan~Guangzhou lines, the quantity is 3176pcs, amount is up to 28.38 million CNY.
15. On April 1, 2008, Taiguang was awarded “advanced industrial enterprise of the year 2007” in Zibo, Mr. Teng was elected “advanced individual of the year 2007”.
16. In March 2008, construction of Huangdao factory started.
17. On March 5th, 2008, Taiguang was awarded “well-known trademark”.
18. On January 28th, 2008, state grid corporation of china supervised the manufacture of 1000kV products.
19. In December of 2007, the A.C.500kV insulators and 500kV interphase composite spacers won the bid in the tender of “500kV transmission lines project of Yunnan power grid”, the amount is up to 23 million CNY.
20. On November 30th, 2007, the sheds assembling machine was successfully completed.
21. On November 30th, 2007, we became High Voltage & Insulation Engineering technical Research Center of Shandong Province.
22. 500kV products first got the bid in China Southern Power Grid Corporation.
1) On October 30th, 2007, we got the package7 & 11 of the bid in the project of AC 500kV Guizhou to Guangdong transmission and distribution lines, it is part of the National Eleventh Five-Year Plan.
2) On November 19th, we got the bid of package 3, 24 and package 25 in the project of 500kV transmission lines composite insulators in Yunnan.(quantity is about 392pcs)
23. In October 2007, “long rod suspension composite insulators” obtained the title of famous brand in Shandong.
24. On September 19th, 2007, become the National High-tech Enterprise.
25. From 19th to 23th, in July 2007, Products were certified to PCCC product certification in Beijing authentication center of electrical power products.
26. On May 15th, 2007, we got the bid in the 1000kV insulators bidding project issued firstly by state grid corporation of china.
27. On April 29th, 2007, 1000kV long rod suspension composite insulator won the third prize of Scientific and Technological Advances Award.
28. In November 2006, Taiguang was given the title of “Insulators Engineering Research Center” by Zibo Science and Technology Bureau.
29. On November 1, 2006, as the first stage of the construction of Taiguang Industrial Park, the construction of 8580 square meters workshop and high voltage test hall started.
30. Wangzuoshu--the member of Standing Committee of National People’s Congress, the vice chairman of Minjindang visited our company with his party,made technology lecture and fully affirmed our achievements in the industry of composite insulators. 
31. On September 28th, 2006, We got 1 package of the bidding project of about the sixth batch electrical equipments/materials(330kV) issued by SGCC, quantity is 633pcs, amount is about 1.19 million CNY
32. On August 16th, 2006, we got two packages of the bidding project of the fifth batch overhead lines composite insulators issued by state grid corporation, quantity is about 3726pcs, rate of getting the bid is 32%, amount is about 11million and 156 thousand CNY.
33. On April 23, 2006, the D.C.800kV/210~550kN long rod type suspension composite insulator passed appraisal at the approval meeting held by China Electricity Council. It was developed first by ourselves in the world and the products fill the gap at home and abroad. The product quality comes up to an international advanced level. We overcame the technical problems of outside insulation of high capacity transmission lined under the circumstances of high altitude, long distance and heavy pollution. It laid the foundation for the construction of 1630 Km Yunnan~Guangdong D.C.800kV high-voltage transmission lines.
34. At the beginning of April in 2006, We totally got 5 packages of the bidding project of the second batch projects about 500kV long rod suspension composite insulators, which issued by state grid corporation. Quantity is 7718pcs, rate of getting the bid is 58%, amount is 23.09 million CNY, which is 63% of the total biding amount.
35. On February 13th, 2006, established company standard committee, management standard committee, technical standard committee, sales standard committee.
36. On December 28th, 2005, laid the cornerstone of the new factory.
37. On December 18th, 2005, the 1000kV long rod type suspension composite insulator, which was developed by ourselves passed appraisal at the approval meeting held by China Electricity Council. It is the first company that passed the approval meeting. This development fills the gap of our national market and the performance of the products comes up to an international advanced level. The approval meeting was reported by CCTV at the same time.
38. In October 2005, Taiguang was awarded “Provincial enterprise with excellent credit standing. “
39. On September 2, 2005, 750kV insulators successfully ran on lines, 225pcs for 210kN, 84pcs for 300kN.
40. In August 2005, Taiguang was awarded “the ten innovation science & technology private enterprise of China ”, chairman Mr. Teng was awarded “the ten innovative private entrepreneur of China ”
41. On August 31, 2005, we took part in the tender of 500kV transmission lines project issued by state grid corporation, and got the bid by rate of 50%, the amount is 53 million CNY, which break a record for the largest amount both at home and abroad.
42. On April 7th, 2005, our products passed the 5000h aging test in Sweden STRI laboratory. (test begin on September 10th, 2004)
43. The 750kV long rod suspension composite insulators won the bid by 61.7% in the bidding project of 750kV demonstration project of Guangting~Lanzhoudong Line composite insulators, which is the important project of country.
44. On January 24th, 2005, Our products of D.C.500kV tension composite insulators (64 pcs) ran in four sites, which were chose by state grid corporation, it is Hubei, Jingmen, Hefei Yanqiao of Anhui and Hongmiao. One year later, all the products were proved to be qualified after 8 rigorous experiments held by Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute. It is the first time to use composite insulators as tension insulator string for D.C.500kV transmission lines in the country, which fill the gap in domestic market and make big progress for the Ultra high voltage transmission lines developing towards safe, reliable, economy and light. It also attracted worldwide attention.
45. On December 19th, 2004, 100~500kV/70~100kN long rod suspension composite insulator with injection craft passed appraisal at the approval meeting held by China Electricity Council
46. On November 29th, 2004, the AC and DC silicon rubber materials passed the 5000h aging test in China Electric Power Research Institute (Beijing).
47. In August 2004, 35kV and 110kV AC post composite outdoor switchgear and controlgear passed all the experiments in China Electric Power Research Institute.
48. In April 2004, series products of composite insulators passed the High Pressure Power Washing Test in the famous KEMA high voltage laboratory of Holland. We are the first company who passed such experiment.
49. In 2003, composite insulators series products passed all the tests in the famous KEMA high voltage laboratory of Holland.
50. In 2002, we cooperated with Tsinghua University to develop the first set of tracking wheel test equipment, it operated over one hundred thousand rotates for nearly 6 months, getting abundant experiment data, which filled the gap in the country.
51. From November to December in 2002, FZSW3—252/8 long rod post composite insulators and FXBW6—±500/400 long rod suspension composite insulators passed all the type tests successfully in Quality Inspection and Test Center for Equipment of Electric Power of SGCC.
52. On June 27th, 2002, the 750kV/300kN long rod type suspension composite insulator, which was developed by us and Tsinghua University passed appraisal at the approval meeting held by both SGCC and Industrial Association, the products filled the gap in the domestic market of China.
53. From 15th to 30th, in April 2002, Taiguang reorganized into a stock cooperative enterprise, Chairman, directors and supervisor were elected at the first meeting of shareholders in June 3.
54. On April 27th, 2002, FXBW4—750/300及FXBW4—500/300 long rod suspension composite insulators passed all the type tests in Electric power Industry Quality Inspection & Test Center of Electric Power Equipments & Instruments.
55. From September to October in 2001, our products were exported to Israel, Taiwan and Korea, which was a breakthrough for non-exporting.
56. On May 19th, 2001, electric railway composite insulators passed appraisal by expert held by China Railway Engineering Corporation.
57. On April 27th, 2001, Dr. Claude de Tourreil, Convener of CIGRE, accompanied by Tsinghua University’s Professor Liangxidong visited our company. He listed Taiguang Company as one of the most famous manufactures in the world.
58. In February 2001,we beat the opponent of Germany, Japan and France, and successfully won the bid of 500kV Zibo ~ Yellow River transmission lines international bidding project.
59. On January 6th, 2001, the D.C.500kV composite insulators, which were developed by ourselves passed the technical appraisal held by SGCC.
60. In 2000, we got bid 10 times during the 11 times attendance for 500kV products bidding project.
61. In January 7th, we got the bid of 500kV composite insulators for three lines of Three Gorges transmission lines project, it was the first factory to supply composite insulators to this project in the whole country.
62. On January 3, 2000, we got the bid in the bidding of 500kV/210kN Qijia lines composite insulators in Heilongjiang, it was the first order in the new century.
63. On December 18th, 1999, 35kV~500kV products with compression craft and injection craft, 10kV~35kV post composite insulators used in station, zinc oxide surge arresters with composite coat, pin composite insulators used in lines and cross arm composite insulators separately passed the technical appraisal.
64. On December 12th, 1998, it confirmed the advanced level of our products between the same lines at the products appraisal meeting of 300kV & 500kV in Qingdao and Zibo
65. On September 27th, 1998, certified to ISO9002 as well as UKAS.
66. In August 1998, 500kV long rod suspension composite insulators became The Torch Program.
67. On May 1, 1998, the new totally closed clean workshop of 6000 square meters was ready to use.
68. In December 1997, the company won 1996 year’s National Scientific and Technological Progress Award first class.
69. On November 7th, 1997, as the only factory in the industry of China, we attended the Composite Insulators International Technology Seminar held in florida of America.
70. On December 26th, 1996, 330~500kV products passed the technical appraisal by appraisal commission constituted of Mr. Cui from Electrical Department of China, Mr. Liu from Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute, Mr. Wang from provincial Machinery Department, etc.
71. In August 1996, 35~500kV composite insulators were titled as New Products in China by State Economic and Trade Commission.
72. In May 1996, our products were awarded exhibition gold prize of “1996 year’s exporting products from Shandong to Malaysia”.
73. On October 16th, 1995, Zhangjunfeng, Liuyansheng, Liuxiangsheng and Chenxing with their party from Electrical Power Department of China inspected 55 necessary requirements to produce composite insulators.
74. On August 15th, 1995, constituted of Cuijiangliu from Electrical Power Department of China and Jinzongyi from provincial Electrical Power Bureau, the appraisal commission appraised the 220kV/100kN products.
75. In May 1994, Jinzongyi, who was the director of production department from provincial Electrical Power Bureau with provincial general engineer and the director of the city production bureau visited our factory and gave us guidance to the work.
76. On May 26th, 1992, we became the middle-testing base of high voltage insulation technology for Unisplendour Group, Tsinghua University.
77. On May 6th, 1992, continued of Zhaojiechen, Liyuding and Liuyansheng from provincial Electrical Power Bureau, the appraisal commission appraised the 110kV/70kN, 220kV/100kN products.
78. On July 16th, 1991, started to construct the 3000 square meters composite insulators workshop according to the drawing made by Tsinghua University.
79. On April 27th, 1991, Zhangdian Scientific Committee sign agreement of technical cooperation with Tsinghua University Technical Development Corporation on behalf of Taiguang.

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