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Taiguang corporation, an enterprise who grew up with perspiration and efforts has its unique enterprise culture, which motivate the Taiguang team to build a well-known brand in the world.  


※ Spirit of the Enterprise
Respectful Practical Innovative Efficient


※ Management Conception
Lead by technology Survive by quality Develop by credit.


※ Quality Principle
Improving quality every second Promoting production every time


※ Strategic Target
Figure a national brand , Create a centurial Taiguang


※ Service Concept
Competitive products in every piece .


※ Enterprise Behaviour Principle
High sense of responsibility Active and honest


※ Staff Behaviour Principle
Work hard Promote unity Careful and earnest


※ Enterprise Identity
Stable and efficient team ,High-quality goods to lead tide,Beautiful and clean environment Efficient sales service


※ Team Consciousness
Unity ,Cooperation ,Communication ,Harmony


※ Security Conception
Safety first, Precaution crucial; People oriented, Treatment comprehensive.


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