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On August 12, 2008,at“the State Grid Company summary commendation congress of ultra-high voltage ac、dc demonstration project ",State Grid President Liu Zhenya had a cordial met with general manager TengGuoli.
The general manager Liu Zhenya thought highly of Taiguang Company because Taiguang Company played a positive leading role in the national grid ultra-high voltage construction and he gave the full affirmation:
"I represent State Grid Company to express thanks to the people in Taiguang Company";
"I hope that people will continue to promote ultra-high voltage spirit, provide more high quality products and service for the State Grid".

The central political bureau committee Wu Guanzheng went to Taiguang Company to inspect the sanxia project of the ±500kv dc composite insulators production , and he made the important instructions.

National congress and the standing committee of the DPP WangZuoShu and other leaders went to visit Taiguang. What's more,Vice President Wang ZuoShu made a technology lecture. He made full affirmation of our company's achievements made in composite insulator industry.National congress and the standing committee of the DPP WangZuoShu vice chairman of the central leaders to visit Thai light, WangZuoShu line in the company made a vice chairman of my company, technology lectures in composite insulator industry achievements made full affirmation.

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