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 Zibo Taiguang Electrical Equipments Factory which was founded in 1991 is a specialized manufacturer of composite insulators.
It is the mid-base of high voltage insulation technology of Tsinghua Unigroup, the engineering master practice base of electrical engineering of Tsinghua Unigroup and also has got the independent right to operate import and export.
Our company wins many awards such as Famous Products of Shandong, the Provincial Enterprise complying with contracts and credit, the Good Private Technology Enterprise of China, one of the ten excellent innovation enterprises, etc.
It is National Leading Hi-Tech Enterprise, Shandong Technology Research Center of Extra High Voltage and Insulation Engineer.
Our products are sold to more than 30 provinces and districts in China with the domestic market share of 24%.
Our products are exported to more than 20 countries such as Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Australia, etc. The brand of Taiguang has been registered in 11 countries such as America, Germany, Russia, Italy, India and South Africa, etc.
Wu Guanzheng, a member of the standing committee of the Political Bureau of Communist Party of China inspected the production progress of composite insulators making for the Three Gorges Project and made instructions.
The leading group is united, pioneering, pragmatic and innovative. We have many famous experts and talents in technology and management and own advanced production and test equipments, which form a firm foundation for the researching of new products.
Since the establishment, we have been relying on the technological innovation and forwarding to the modernization. We are cooperating with Tsinghua University, Shandong University of Technology, Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute, China Electric Power Institute, Xi'an Research Institute of Electric Porcelain to promote our own research and development ability and we have formed our research team.
The products developed by our own include Long Rod Suspension Composite Insulators, Post Composite Insulators, Cantilever Supporting Composite Insulators, Composite Pillars, Insulating Switches and so on.
The total asset of Taiguang is 198 millions yuan. There are 500 employees, of whom there are 20 senior technicians, 32 junior technicians and 80 research and development personals accounting for 16% of the total employees. The management personals are 24% of the total employees. The research and development investment is 6.4% of the total income of our company.
We have branch factories in Zibo and Qingdao. And we have 260 sets of production equipments and 80 sets of test equipments. The Tensile Load Test Machine of 2000kN, the Large Scale Compression Machine of 5000kN and the Wheeling Tracking-Resistance Test Machine are all the first inventions in China. And we also have the silicone rubber production line of 500T which guarantees the quality of our products.
In 2009, the total industrial output value is 510.88 millions Yuan, the sales income is 425.07 millions Yuan and the taxation is 63.76 millions Yuan. The annual production capacity is 800,000 pieces. By the end of the year of 2009, 4 millions of our products have been operating successfully at home and abroad.
    Our operation concept is Advanced in Technology, Living in Quality, Developing in Prestige. The quality policy is Intensifying Quality Every Second, Serving Customers All the Time.
We are in the first batch to receive the certification awarded by the State Grid Corporation in 1997.
In 1998, we are certificated to ISO9002 awarded by CCQS and UKAS.
In 2009, we are certificated to ISO9001:2008.
The measurement system is AAA grade.
The series of composite insulators passed the certification of PCCC.
The products have passed the accelerated aging test for 5000 hours done by China Electric Power Institute and Tsinghua University and the electromechanical performance test of insulators in KEMA.
In 2001, we won the bid of 500kV composite insulators in the transmission and transformation engineering of Zibo-Huanghe, which made the products of America, Germany and Japan out of the Shandong electric grid.
The Direct Current Composite Insulators of ±500kV put into operation successfully in Three Gorges Projects in 2002 and Zibo Taiguang is the first to go into Three Gorges Projects.
We won the bid of extra-high voltage composite insulators of 750kV in the project of sending electricity to the east with the biding rate of 65.7%.
The tension-resistance composite insulators of ±500kV put into operation successfully in the transmission lines of Longzheng and Sanguang.
We won the bid of 1000kV composite insulators which was the national leading project and symbolized project of composite insulators in the word  with the bidding rate is 23.1%. Its built-up will make the extra-high voltage composite insulators reach up to the world leading level.
We won the bid of ±800kV composite insulators in the transmission line of Yunnan-Guangdong with the bidding rate of 22%, which was another national symbolized project after the project of 1000kV composite insulators.
The composite insulators of A.C. 750kV, D.C.800lV, D.C.500kV and A.C.1000kV filled the domestic bland in this field. The composite insulators of D.C.800kV are the first inventions in the world and its total mechanical performance has reached to the internationally top level.
The News Broadcast of CCTV reported the appraisal meeting for our products of A.C.1000 kV, D.C.800kV. The news media such as Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, and Popular Daily also reported this matter.
On the evening of the appraisal meeting of 660kV composite insulators, the news broadcast of CCTV-4 made a live report for it, which attracted wide attention in electric power system.
Our company owns 7 national invention patents, 31 national appearance design patents, 26 national utility model patents.
The Organic Composite Insulators, The Long Rod Direct Current Composite Insulators and The Long Rod Suspension Composite Insulators of 1000kV and 750kV are National Leading New Products.
The Long Rod Suspension Composite Insulators of 800kV and 1000kV, The Long Rod High Voltage Direct Current Composite Insulators, composite insulators of 35kV-500kV are list in National Leading Torch Projects.
Mr. Claude, the chairman of International Large Electric Grid investigated our company accompanied by professor Liang Xidong and listed our company as one of the most promising manufacturers of composite insulators in the world.
On August 12 of 2010, the general manager of the State Grid Corporation interviewed our general manager—Mr. Teng Guoli. He said, “we hope Taiguang makes great efforts to supply more qualified products and services with the spirits of super high voltage”.
Strive for World Brand, Construct Centennial Taiguang. We believe that the future of Taiguang will be better by the efforts of the staff and the supports of the leaders and experts.


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