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Shandong Taiguang electric power: brand quality, creating unique "DNA" of enterprises

2019-12-25 16:23:21

From ancient times to the present, the fate of enterprises is closely related to the prosperity of the country. A strong country is bound to have many powerful enterprises, and the development of these enterprises will further promote the prosperity of the country. When an enterprise can stand firm in the world, it also represents the image of some countries, such as Mercedes Benz, IBM, Microsoft, apple The rise of China is calling for the rise of Chinese enterprises in the world and Chinese brands that can stand in the world.
Because of the times, because of the times. Since its birth, Shandong Taiguang power has taken building the world's leading insulator brand as its main purpose. Twenty eight years of rapid development and steady progress, from a new unknown enterprise to No1 in China's insulator industry, consolidating the leading position of the insulator industry, attracting the attention of international excellent enterprises The achievements of Taiguang power are not only brilliant, but also the brand plays a very important role in the process of its rise. Demand is changing, market is changing, enterprises want to survive and continue to develop, must keep pace with the times. Throughout the twenty-eight years of development, Taiguang brand quality has always been in the inheritance of continuous innovation, firmly grasp the pulse of the times.
Establish the first impression of Taiguang electric power brand with high quality and specialization
In 1991, starting from a piece of white paper, Taiguang electric power embarked on the road of opening up China's insulator market, and established the development strategy of "specialization, standardization and integrity". At that time, the insulator industry was basically extensive operation: the business ideas of rapid development, horse racing and enclosure were very common, and the qualifications of employees were uneven. Today, he is also a "Hawker" who transports materials to the other party. Tomorrow, he is likely to start his own production and processing. The image of insulator industry in the eyes of the people is almost zero. In that era, the market was chaotic, and users were eager for professional and standardized insulator products with excellent quality. Taiguang just grasped this demand and took establishing professional and standardized high-quality image as the first step of brand construction. As a result, the Taiguang marketing team composed of men's suits, women's fine and capable has shaken the industry, and also made the insulator consumer firmly remember Taiguang, who has a good first impression on the brand.

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