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Adhere to the innovation path of "production, teaching and research" with science and technology as the guide; work closely with Tsinghua University, Shandong University of science and technology, China Academy of electrical technology, Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute and other units; R & D personnel have accounted for 16% of the total number of employees; implement systematic intellectual property management system; China's well-known trademarks, registered trademarks in the United States, Germany and other countries; 64 patents, including the core 7 patents. All these have created Taiguang's outstanding competitiveness with technological innovation and intellectual property as the core.


Fxbw-1000kv / 210-550kn series rod suspension composite insulator products independently researched and developed fill the domestic blank, and the technical performance reaches the international advanced level. The picture shows the site of fxbw1000 / 210-530 composite insulator appraisal meeting.

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