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Established in 1991, Zibo Taiguang Electrical Equipment Factory is located in Changguo East Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, P.R. China.

  • the specialized manufacturing factory for a.c.& d.c. 10-1000kV/70-600kN silicone rubber composite insulators;
  • the testing base for high voltage insulation technology of Tsinghua University;
  • a world qualified supplier for composite insulators.
  • ISO9001: 2000 certified.

Zibo Taiguang Electrical Equipment Factory was established in 1991. It is the specialized manufacturing factory for 10-1100kV/70-840kN composite insulators and the testing base of high voltage insulation technology for Unisplendour Group of Tsinghua University. It is an import and export enterprise for international markets. Taiguang has been conferred the title of “ Famous Trademark in Shandong Province”, “Famous Products in Shandong Province”, “Provincial High Prestige Enterprise”, “ China Outstanding Private-owned technological Enterprise”, “China Top Ten Private-owned Famous Innovation Enterprise”. The products have been sold to 30 provinces and districts including Taiwan and also have been exported to over 20countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Australia. The trademark “Taiguang” has been registered in many countries such as United States, Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy, India and South Africa.

Wu guanzheng, who is the member of the standing committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, has been visited to Taiguang to inspect the production situation of D.C.500kV composite insulators, which have been supplied to Three Gorges Project.

We have a creative, practical management leading a team of well-known experts, experienced engineers and administrators with first-class production equipment and testing instrumentation.

The development of our company depends on technological innovation and modernization. We have cooperated with Tsinghua University, Shandong Technology University, Wuhai High Voltage Research Institute, China Electric Power Science Research Institute and Xi’an Electric Porcelain Research Institute to develop new technology. With constant focus on technological development, our company has possessed a good technical development team and has been able to design and produce kinds of 10-1000kV/70-550kN composite insulators such as long rod suspension, line post, electrical railways and switchgear.

Our company has 500 employees including 8 superior technical personnel, 12 intermediate technical personnel. The members who graduated from the College take up 16% of the total employees Our company has two branches in Zibo Development District and Qingdao Development District. We have more than 260 manufacturing equipments and over 80 testing equipments. We have also originated 2000KN Tensile Load Machine, 5000KN Compression Machine and Tracking-Wheel Machine. The annual manufacturing capacity is 600 thousand pieces. Our products occupied 24% of the whole markets and the quantity sold has increased by 40% year by year. By the end of 2010, more than 800 thousand pieces products of all kinds of voltages are in service throughout the country and internationally, gaining recognition and reputation at home and abroad.

The principle of our company is “Technology is the precursor; our survival depends on quality; our future development of the company depends on our reputation”. Our quality principle is “Improving quality every second; serving our customers every time”. After gaining approval to supply to the China national electricity network, our company quality system was certified to ISO9002 by CCQS in China and UKAS in UK in 1998, and with constant focus on higher quality standards, Taiguang has been updated to ISO9001-2000 in 2003. Our quality system has covered the material to the products.

Taiguang composite insulator has been passed the 5000 ageing test chaired by Sweden Research Institute, China Electric Power Research Institute and Tsinghua University. It is also passed external insulation mechanical-electrical performance test in KEMA. In 2001, Taiguang got the bid to supply composite insulators to Zibo-North Yellow River Transmission Line. In 2000, Taiguang Company developed DC 500KV long rod composite insulators, which have been supplied to the well-known Three Gorges Project and are performing successfully in service. Taiguang was the very first manufacturer to supply composite insulators to this Project. Taiguang got bids in the tender of DC 500KV Genan Line in Three Gorges Project. The rate of getting bid is 49%; it also got bids in Huazhong –guangdong Line in the same Project. The rate of getting bid is 52%. Our company also got the bid of the National Project “Eastern electricity transmits to the West”. The rate is 65.7%.

Taiguang Company completed the development of A.C. 750kV composite insulator, D.C 800kV/550kN composite insulator, 500kV tension string composite insulator and A.C. 1000kV/550kN composite insulator. This development met the requirements of our national market, and completed a full range of first-class products for use throughout the world. The meeting for appraising the quality of A.C 1000kV composite insulator and D.C 800kV composite insulator was reported in CCTV and many newspapers.

Seven technical invention of our company obtained patent certificate including end fitting sealing equipment, T type package and new type composite insulator.

Dr. Claude de Tourreil, Convener of CIGRE, visited our company accompanied by Tsinghua University’s Professor Liangxidong. Taiguang Company was featured in Insulator News & Market Report published in Canada. The title is “The Most Potential Manufacturing Base of Insulator in China”.

Our goal is “Create World-famous Brand, Construct Centurial Taiguang”|. We hope that the future of Taiguang Company will be brighter with our constant efforts and support of leaders and experts.





在近20年间,泰光自主研制的交流500 kV、交流750 kV、交流1000 kV、直流500 kV、直流660 kV、直流800 kV、直流1100 kV复合绝缘子等产品均通过国家级技术鉴定,产品技术达到国际领先水平。自主研发的直流800 kV耐张复合绝缘子是山东省科技计划项目,曾荣获中国国际专利与名牌博览会特别金奖;有机复合绝缘子、直流棒形悬式复合绝缘子、750kV棒形悬式复合绝缘子、1000kV棒形悬式复合绝缘子等产品是国家级重点新产品;1000kV棒形悬式复合绝缘子、直流高压棒形悬式复合绝缘子、35kV-500kV合成绝缘子、±800kV棒形悬式复合绝缘子等产品是等产品是国家重点火炬计划项目。




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